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Alternator: XT-DF-250-DV


Alternator: XT-DF-250-DV

– XT Series
– 250A
– 12V
– Saddle Mount (Dual Foot)
– 3.15in
– Dual Deep Vee Pulley
– Case Ground

– Hitachi-Style Mounting:
Typical for Yanmar, Westerbeke, Lehman & Perkins-Sabre Engines


AT-DF-200-12-IG, AT-DF-200-DV

New XT-Series Alternators from Balmar bring together the latest innovations in alternator design to deliver incredible charging power in a compact, Marine-friendly package.

Advanced Hairpin StatorThe New XT-Series Alternator family features a state-of-the-art, braided stator wire design to generate exceptional output in the smallest possible area. The XT-Series produces slightly more power than our previous AT-Series 165A design and operates 5o-10oC cooler.  In addition, we’ve added Balmar’s Smart Ready® internal regulator technology to provide an additional level of fault tolerance for cruising boaters.  Available XT-Series mounting styles have also expanded to include the “Vortec” 9Si design found on many GM gasoline engines.

XT-Series Alternators feature 96 slots – compared to 36 slots in a traditional S-wound stator – allowing the stator to develop superior electromagnetic energy and efficiency compared to traditional stator designs.  The XT-170 and XT-250 are designed to deliver superior performance at idle speeds – up to 128A and 186A, respectively for 12V applications.

XT-Series Alternators may require a Tachometer Signal Stabilizer (Part No. 15-TSS) if your current tach is not adjustable.  XT-Series Alternators should only be used in Dual Vee or Multi-Groove Serpentine belt configurations. Balmar’s growing range of AltMount® Serpentine Pulley Conversion Kits support all XT-Series Alternators.

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