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MC-618 Voltage Regulator

Announcing Integration with the SG200 Battery Monitor

  • Monitor Alternator/Regulator Activity from the SG200
  • Setup Regulator from 2″ Color Display or the Smartphone App
  • Advanced Programming from the Smartphone App
  • All the Same Regulation Features as the MC-614
  • New Carbon Foam AGM Battery Profile
  • Improved High Temperature Alternator Control
  • Protects Lithium Batteries below Freezing Temperatures

Balmar has upgraded its legendary MC-614 Voltage Regulator to communicate with the SG200 Battery Monitor!  Now you can see how the New MC-618 Regulator is directing your alternator charging activity from either the SG200 2″ Color Display and/or the optional Bluetooth® Smartphone App.  Basic setup functions can be accomplished from the SG200 Color Display, Smartphone App or the traditional on-regulator programming tool.  Advanced Programming functions are available and easily configured from the Bluetooth® Smartphone App.

Monitor your Alternator’s Performance with Real-Time Data

  • Charging Stage
  • Compare Actual Voltage against Target Voltage
  • Monitor Field Output Percentage
  • Set Maximum Field Percentage

Add the Optional Bluetooth® Gateway to Enable Advanced Programming

  • Configure ALL Regulator Parameters
  • Save and Recall Regulator Programs
  • Monitor Regulator Performance from your Smartphone
  • Collect and Share Diagnostic Information

Use The SmartLinkTM Network for Charging and Monitoring

  • Build your own charging and battery monitoring network!
  • Add Color Displays for viewing data in different locations.
  • All charging and battery information can be displayed anywhere on the SmartLinkTM Network
  • SG200 Firmware upgrades are available via downloads through the Smpartphone App and Bluetooth® Gateway.
  • Dual engine applications are easily supported by connecting both MC-618 regulators to the SmartLinkTM Network.
  • Add SmartShunts if you have multiple banks.
    • Stern or Bow Thruster Banks
    • House Bank #2

The MC-618 and SG200 operations manuals.

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