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Alternator: 94LY-12-165-IG

– Alternator – 94LY Series
– 165A
– 12V
– Saddle Mount (Dual Foot)
– 3.15in
– Dual Deep Vee Pulley*
– Isolated Ground
– Hitachi-Style Mounting; Kit comes with Yanmar 6LY Mounting Hardware

* Serpentine Pulley Mounted on Request

PDF Product Data Sheet

Balmar’s 94-Series, large case alternators deliver the size and charging output required to support battery banks of up to 800 amp hours at 12 volts or 400 amp hours at 24 volts.

Designed expressly for use on diesel engines utilizing a 2” Delco-style single foot mount, these 12-volt and 24-volt alternators are engineered for use with external multi-stage voltage regulation, making it possible to tailor charging voltage to maximize safety and efficiency when charging a variety of battery types.

Custom-wound rotor/stator combinations optimize output across the typical diesel powerband. Isolated ground provides sure continuity to system ground.

Included in the 94-Series alternator family are:

165-amp/12-volt; 210-amp/12-volt; and 140-amp/24-volt models.

All models meet U.S.

Coast Guard Title 33 standards for ignition protection.

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