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Alternator: 97EHD-185-12


Alternator: 97EHD-185-12

– 97EHD Series
– 185A, 12V
– Saddle Mount (Dual Foot)
– 4in
– Deep Dual Vee Pulley*
– Case Ground
– This alternator can also be supplied with Isolated Ground – PN 97EHD-185-12-IG
– 4″ J-180-Style Mounting: Typical for Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel & John Deere Engines

* Serpentine Pulley Mounted on Request

Extra-Large Case 97EHD-Series Alternators are appropriate for large diesel applications such as Caterpillar, Cummins, MAN, MTU and John Deere to service large battery banks and high DC loads.

Paired with either the MC-614 or MC-624 Regulators, you can combine the advantages of Balmar’s legendary multi-stage regulation capability with heavy duty-cycle, large-frame alternators.

Offered in multiple power packages, these charging systems provide from 2.0kW up to 4.6kW of charging power. With lower cut-in speeds than the competition, the 97EHD-Series starts making power earlier at low RPM, limiting the need for complex pulley schemes or over-throttling the engine at idle.

By adding the 97EHD-Series Alternator in a second alternator position, the output of a small genset can be obtained, thereby eliminating the maintenance and space requirements of a generator. 97EHD-Series Alternators are ideal for fast charging of Lithium battery banks without over-stressing the alternator.

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