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Odyssey Performance Series 4D-1300


Battery: AGMP4D-1300

Volts: 12
CCA: 1300
PHCA: 2400
RC@25: 370
20hr Rate: 170
10hr Rate: 153
BCI Group: 4D
Dimension: 20.39″L x 8.78″W x 8.58″H
Terminal Type: SAE Automotive Term
Weight: 118

More Information

  • Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology, contributing to twice the overal power and 30% more life over conventional batteries.
  • A seales design, resulting na virtually maintenance-free battery
  • Ability to resist extreme vibration, protecting against high impact shock vibrations that often lead to premature failure.

Part: AGMP4D-1300
Weight: 125.000000
Length: 20.39
Width: 8.78
Height: 5.58
Core Required: No
Core Value: E-Core
Amp Hour @ 20HR Rate: 170
BCI (Group Size): 4D
Cold Cranking Amps rating @ -18°C (0°F): 1300

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